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SDA Church - Cult or True Religion?

The Pastor who Meant Well

It was important for my mother that I join the church, and be baptized. I didn't feel that I was ready for that step. As I turned 15, my mother became very difficult to get along with. [3 years later, she had surgery for a thyroid problem, and it's most likely that caused her mood swings at this time. I have reason to believe that she was also bipolar]. She called in the pastor of the church, to talk with me. Well, he automatically assumed that I was some sort of scum, and berated me for not respecting my parent, who had worked so hard to raise me....blah blah blah. Needless to say, I was very bitter towards him, since he didn't doubt what my mother was saying was true.

I was accused of being wicked and ungrateful. I actually allowed the minister to finish his spiel, and outwardly remained quiet and calm. Inside, I was fuming at this man, and I became determined to never join a church that would harbor someone like him as a pastor of the faith. He told me that he'd searched many religions over the years, before settling on the Seventh-day Adventist faith as the true religion. He said that I must make a decision. I didn't feel I had to, just because he told me so.

He asked if I smoked [another rule of the church - no smoking, no alcohol] and I said "no". My friend smoked, and since I was around her, I often came home smelling of cigarette smoke, that was all. But my mother harbored suspicions that I was lying.

The Real World

When I was seventeen, I met my first husband. We later divorced, and I remarried. Neither of these men were SDA's. My first husband had a major chore on his hands, 'un-brainwashing" me from many misconceptions I had. For example, people weren't generally evil, but were good, and well-intentioned.

At the age of 19 -20, I started to smoke, and drink socially. My second husband even taught me how to play cards. I loved music, and liked to go to movies. I decided the Seventh-day Adventist church teachiings were wrong about all non-believers being wicked, and being lost. The people I met were kind, considerate, and nice, not evil. And they weren't hypocrites, preaching one thing, and living another.

I began to suspect that maybe I had been told a lot of things that weren't true.


Over the years, I have moved away from the SDA church. I used to keep up with events by reading my mother's church publications. She no longer received church news once she entered a nursing home. Of course, she stopped paying her 10 percent tithe every month, plus offerings at that time. She passed away in 2003.

Ellen G. White, the prophetess, and one of the founder's of the church as well as the spokesperson for church policy in the early years of the faith, has been found by researchers to have plagiarized other writers of her day, so that it seems that much of what was credited to her and to God is a sham.

Ellen G. White's teachings that Jesus entered the Sanctuary in 1844, to intercede with God for His people has been an important tenet of faith in the SDA church. Now I learn that this, in effect, serves to cancel out the importance of the cross and God's sacrifice of His Son. How true! What was taught to me as a child is no longer something that I can believe.

I did not leave the church environs because of the people who failed, to my mind, to live the life they should have - practiced what they preached - but they were certainly an influence in my reaching that decision.

A minister once said that I shouldn't fault the church members for not living up to my expectations - a poor excuse, I think, for people failing to follow their churches teachings! If you don't live it, get out of the church!

I personally believe that the Seventh-day Adventist church is a cult. It strongly discourages its members from associating with anyone outside the faith, restricts access to the outside world [what members watch, read, listen to], and sets itself aside as "saved" and a "special people".

From cradle to the grave, one could live within the confines of this restrictive group, and never speak to, or get to know, a non-Adventist. With the Adventist churches, publishing house, schools, hospitals, radio and TV broadcasts, food manufacturers, youth groups, they are for the most part self-sufficient.

I believe that my mother did the best she could, although her choice of religion damaged me to a certain extent, for several years. Good friends, and a good counselor have done wonders to help me get over those early years.

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